Our Technologies

Tea Bag Machines

Constanta Tea Bag German Machinery ( 5 machines)

Constanta has stood the test of time for efficiency, reliability and sustainability. With a machine speed of 130 bags / minute it produces both double chambered naked teabags as well as with the paper envelopes. These machines contain the staple pin & are very cost effective. In order to facilitate product flow and reduce degradation, the C28 is equipped with a special vibrating feeding system for herbs. Our C28’s are fitted with a hand removal units for counted bags thanks to the machine’s lower production speed in order to facilitate easy packing into a variety of different packing formats, from cartons to tins and gift packs.

Loose Tea Packing Machines

CAM Overwrapping Machine ( 1 machine)

The CAM over-wrapper has been designed to pack cosmetic, food and confectionery products at medium and high production speeds. This machine, guarantees a perfect wrap, ease of format changeover and reliable performance, even when using remarkably fine wrapping materials with difficult handling properties. Products are fed on a conveyor and a minimum load photocell activates, stopping the machine in-phase.