To become Sri Lanka’s leading export company by achieving sustainable & consistent growth and providing our customers with great tasting, healthy and superior products.


To manufacture and export high quality food and beverage products so that they can be enjoyed by consumers the world over.

Objectives: Year 2022

Main objective – our main objective is to supply Sri Lankan teas to the overseas customers without any food safety hazard throughout.

Except the main objective, the company has identified other objectives through the application of ISO 22000: 2018 requirements for the establishment such as

  1. To uplift the existing ISO 22000 Food safety management system to the new version of FSSC 22000 Standard within 2022.
  2. To maintain the percentage of non-conformity reports during FSSC internal audit below 25% comparing ISO 22000:22018 in 2021.
  3. To maintain the number of food safety and quality-related complaints below 5 in the year 2022
  4. Improve the awareness of production workers regarding Food Safety and hygienic practices by conducting awareness programs, quarterly in order to prevent further NCRs in food safety audits in the future.
  5. To improve adequate infrastructure facilities by partitioning and fixing strip curtains for the new store and surrounding the factory premises which comply with the food safety and hygiene requirements of workers and products.

ADAMEXPO - Food Safety Policy

We at ADAMEXPO, strive to export the best quality teas to our valued consumers to satisfy their unique requirements.
We are committed to satisfying our consumers’ & customers’ product safety by:

• Understanding and believing in customer expectations for desired satisfaction
• Maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in our Supply Chain.
• Adhering to Food Safety Regulatory Requirements and Local & International legal requirements.
• Maintaining FSSC 22000 and HACCP requirements in the manufacturing areas
• Maintaining food safety, hygiene & quality measures through controlling critical points of the HACCP Plan & maintaining good manufacturing practices
• Communicating the company’s food safety requirements and objectives to the interested parties.
• Managing the business in a socially responsible manner.
• Systematically improving the Food Safety Management System
• Having a fully traceable Food Safety Management System from plantations to the customer end
• Undertaking all continuous and sustainable improvements, applicable for industry best practices, intensive employee training and development to meet the need to reinforce food safety & quality management system at all stages of our production requirements.


We strictly Comply with Our Company Food Safety Objectives of FSSC 22000 & HACCP and commit to achieving FSMS Objectives Progressively. We share values, beliefs & norms which can affect the minds and behaviors of all employees towards food safety and we practice them throughout the company.